Free hosting or paid hosting?

If you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur and you’re thinking about your first website options. Should you go the free route or should you get a paid hosting account and do things the right way from day one?
If you’re serious about having your business presence online I strongly believe that the best strategy for website creation is paying a few bucks up front for a hosting account and learning how to build your own website or pay a professional to build one for you.

Why? Here are just three reasons:

  1. By getting your own hosting account you’re investing in your success. A free site may seem fine but if you put some of your hard-earned money into your efforts you’ll be more likely to follow through until you succeed. A free site may bring the mentality that ‘it was free anyways so there’s no worries’ when things don’t go well. Plus a hosting account is very inexpensive.
  2. Making your own dynamic or static website on a paid-hosting account can easily be learned. You don’t have to have any technical experience to learn WordPress, Joomla, Html etc. we provide various courses in Aruba, Curacao and Suriname. By making your own site you will be able to manage and grow it exactly the way you want it to at at your own pace.
  3. Down the road you won’t be be limited by free-platform functionality. I’ve seen many people go the free route only to find out later that there are serious limitations to your site once its built. And moving all of your content to another platform, which you’ll need to do, is a major headache.
  4. If you much prefer not to invest time in learning the technical side of website building, and rather save time and money to focus on other things, hiring an expert web designer can your best investment.

Need help?

Our Senior Web Consultant can guide you selecting the hosting.

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