HTML for beginners

HTML for beginners


Why HTML for beginners?

Every webpage you look at is written in a language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). You can think of HTML as the skeleton that gives every webpage structure. In this course, we'll use HTML to add paragraphs, headings, images and links to a webpage.

HTML for beginners is designed for the student with little to no working knowledge of creating HTML files by hand. If you're looking to learn HTML from scratch or move beyond using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing tool, this is the class for you. Students will be introduced to the structure of HTML documents, good markup techniques, and the concept of validation. Students will be required to use a plain text editor to write HTML and use an FTP program to upload the pages to the Internet. Functional topics will include text formatting, using lists, tables, and a brief foray into CSS.



Course Dates, Location and Duration

2 hrs

Course Price

Student Price:
Normal Price:
$200 US
$300 US

Group Discount: 10% p.p. min 4 persons and up

300 USD
4 weeks
Laptop Required!

What we will cover in this workshop:

After completing this lesson, you'll:

  • Be able to form the basic structure for an HTML document
  • Understand and know which DOCTYPE declaration to use & why
  • Know how to insert META tags and why they are needed
  • Be able to use an FTP program to transfer files to a web server

After completing this lesson, you'll:

  • Understand the basic ways a search engine works
  • Learn the basic structure of a table
  • Learn how to combine table rows & columns for layout
  • Know how to create links to other pages/sites
  • Be able to insert Images into a web page

After completing this lesson, you'll:

  • Understand and be able to insert lists into the document
  • Learn how to use character entities

After completing this lesson, you'll:

  • Understand the structure of forms
  • Be able to create forms that can return the responses via email
  • Understand how the validating process works
  • Be able to create "valid" html files according to the W3C specifications
  • Experiment with using the HTML5 DOCTYPE


Bring your own Laptop

Participants must bring their own laptop with a wi-fi adaptor. We will provide internet access.

SOFTWARE: Pre-Installed

Download and follow the installation instructions.



During the course we will provide you with a test space.


...Or do you want to have your own Hosting + Domain name?

If you'd like to seize the opportunity to start designing your own website, you may already have your own hosting & domainname. Just make sure everything works properly and you have all working access credentials.

If you do NOT have your own hosting & domain name, we can set this up for you at an additional price, depending on your needs.

Our packages start from Awg 325 per year incl 1 .com domain name of choice.
Note: Accounts need to be working and tested 48 hours before start of the course (this would be before April 18).

Contact us for more information about this.

Admission information:
Your place in the course is confirmed by your payment. Introductory courses like these are intended for participants with no experience in the subject matter and are seeking beginner level training.

Refund Policy:
Down payments are recommendable to secure your place.
In the event that you cannot make it, please note that we do not refund your down payment.

Additional Cost:
Hosting & Domain name registration *Optional

Anthony Mezas is an experienced web designer. He started developing websites since 1998. Now he's very motivated to share his knowledge and experience.

Get a personalized, printed certificate
You can buy (Awg 25,00) a Statement of Participation for this course — a personalized, printed certificate to show that you've taken part.

Teaching materials:
Participants will receive in their mail a link to a section on to this specific course.

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