We can help you harness the power of the internet.

Help you build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Help you streamline your business processes.

Help you make more money.

We offer all types of Web Solutions, Marketing Solutions and New Media Solutions for your business, in Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St Maarten and Suriname.

Get Found.

Increase your Online Exposure

... or in other words make sure you maximize your visibility online.

Customer behavior is changing. Your customers visit websites, watch videos and check with friends and peers before they buy.

Package your content better: ask yourself how many people have the time to read pages of printed content? By adapting this content into videos, blog posts and infographics, you increase its reach potential and effectiveness.

Shaqwan Media & Marketing repurposes your existing digital assets, search optimizes and publishes them across online and social channels.

Get Support.

We'd love to be your Online Media Manager

... or in order words; we would love to design, develop, market, manage your virtual business on the internet.

To run a website today, businesses need multiple professionals creating content, posting pictures, and keeping readers interested. Throughout the development process, one professional needs to keep everything in order and ensure consumer needs are being realized by the site.

Outsourcing the technical and management side of your online business presence is a smart business decision.

As your Online Media Manager we don't just think about designing or developing websites. We think about building business: yours.

Full Service.

Design, strategy and technology for today's enterprise

Shaqwan offers online services to help you be successful. Our webdesign process begins with understanding your vision and goals.

Your website is just one element in your overall marketing strategy, but for most businesses it is the most important one.

We can make sure you leverage and focus your internet marketing strategy to effectively promote your brand, reach your target audiences and employ current tactics to help drive qualified traffic to your site.


We love to build and visualize things.

Starting your business means business. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel or learn photoshop from scratch, have a DIY website or business card, to save money... ?People scraping the internet are bored quickly, spoiled and want to only associate to "good looking" things.

Shaqwan really loves to visualize and build on starting businesses. We can help you develop your brand or Corporate ID materials, logo, business card, brochure and any other traditional marketing materials.

We can even assist you in developing a marketing strategy which can help you be more effective. Digital marketing involves you taking advantage of all the ways you can promote your brand online, from using social media to the creation of your company’s main website.

Be Smart, start with Shaqwan Media & Marketing we adapt to your pace and budget.
Your success, is all we want to be part of...